At By His Grace Farms we find quality horses from all over the country to add to our personal stable. We use our patience and experience to bring along our horses ensuring they have the best care and experience. We provide the resources to local facilities to expand the search for your perfect mount or place you in the hands of a professional as the need arises.

Our Story

By His Grace Farms was started as a private farm allowing us to work with our personal horses in a quiet environment. Within the first year we realized there is a need to providing quality horses to the equine enthusiasts. We bring experience and understanding of both training and sales of quality horses which anyone can enjoy in the show pen, in the field, and on a hunt equally the same. We work with our personal horses slowly and meticulously to ensure they develop the best habits and manners as we show and enjoy. We realize and utilize our differences to our advantage as we are always discussing how to better the horses we work with.